Reviews of Local Florists By City

American Fork, UT

American Fork Flower Patch ★★★★★ 762 reviews, Read All
"Exactly what I was hoping."

Aventura, FL

Miami Gardens Florist ★★★★★ 578 reviews, Read All
"I am so pleased with the arrangement. My parents love the flowers!"

Bentonville, AR

Flowerama ★★★★★ 18 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement"

Bountiful, UT

Bountiful Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1604 reviews, Read All
"Thank you they look great."

Brownsburg, IN

Brownsburg Flower Shop ★★★★★ 5 reviews, Read All
"Just as ordered!"

Chelsea, MA

Salvy the Florist and Val's of Chelsea ★★★★★ 63 reviews, Read All
"Thank you for your prompt service!"

Chicago, IL

Ashland Addison Florist Co. ★★★★★ 9898 reviews, Read All
"Although I was not the recipient of the flowers (I ordered) and did not see in person, I love it that Ashland Addison sends a photo of the actual floral arrangement. They were very responsive and quick to answer when I asked a question via email and they call to follow-up after delivery to make sure customer received the order. Great customer service! I am not in Chicago area but saw "A" reviews on Angie's List and I can see why. Thank you"

Chicago, IL

Donna's Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 167 reviews, Read All
"Very nice thank you."

Columbus, OH

Carriage House of Flowers ★★★★★ 101 reviews, Read All
"Yes, I love it. Thank you Cathy for your help & ideas. Beautiful."

Corvallis, OR

Expressions In Bloom ★★★★★ 1045 reviews, Read All
"HI, I blame myself for the last minute order. I've ordered from you before and the arrangements were perfect. Weather was horrible that weekend--let's blame the weather."

Dallas, TX

McShan Florist ★★★★★ 22410 reviews, Read All
"McShan Florist went above and beyond and did an amazing job!"

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Flowers of Fort Lauderdale ★★★★★ 212 reviews, Read All
"I'm happy to have found my new florist. Their service was efficient and the flowers were beautiful. I received an email confirmation and actual photo of the arrangement that was sent and delivered the day I called. Very pleased overall."

Gurnee, IL

Balmes Flowers Gurnee ★★★★★ 639 reviews, Read All
"Iím sure it will look better as it continues to open up but I think it wonít have the same wow factor when itís delivered. This is a get well gift and I just think the initial reaction to it wonít be that wow."

Houston, TX

Breen's Florist ★★★★★ 2571 reviews, Read All
"Thank you. Very nice."

Jenks, OK

Rathbone's Flair Flowers of Tulsa ★★★★★ 154 reviews, Read All
"It looks as if there are only three roses. Itís mostly all greenery and babyís breath. I donít know that this is worth $50?!"

Jupiter, FL

Driftwood Florist ★★★★★ 713 reviews, Read All
"Itís hard to tell how big it is but the flowers look beautiful!!"

Jupiter, FL

Flowermart ★★★★★ 837 reviews, Read All
"I thought there would be more flowers....I am not wild about the arrangement."

Larchmont, NY

The Flower Bar ★★★★★ 127 reviews, Read All

Lima, OH

The Flowerloft ★★★★★ 14 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement. Thanks so much!"

Lynn, MA

Salvy the Florist ★★★★★ 5470 reviews, Read All

Madison, NJ

J & M Home and Garden, Floral and Event ★★★★★ 35 reviews, Read All
"Thank you for making the changes requested. They look beautiful."

Millbury, MA

Floral Elegance ★★★★★ 516 reviews, Read All
"Thank you so very much! It's absolutely beautiful. This arrangement is for a very dear friend of ours, so thank you for making it extra special for us. :)"

Naugatuck, CT

Terri's Flower Shop ★★★★★ 505 reviews, Read All
"Very pretty. Thank you "

New York, NY

Big Apple Florist ★★★★★ 1 reviews, Read All
"First Test"

New York, NY

Floral Strategies ★★★★★ 2 reviews, Read All
"Tim, Thank you for visiting my shop. Your techniques on helping build my business are valuable. Having been in the flower business all of my life, your presentation has made it clear to me that you are never too old to listen and learn. We look forward to implementing your strategies to help move our business grow and compete at a higher level. I highly recommend that florists of any size, any where, take advantage of what you offer."

Newton Centre, MA

Bloomsbury Park Flowers ★★★★★ 384 reviews, Read All
"What a wonderful arrangement The salesperson was very helpful. "

Ogden, UT

Ogden Flower Patch ★★★★★ 715 reviews, Read All
"The flowers were perfect, delivered exactly when requested and I loved seeing a photo of what I sent. Thanks!"

Park Ridge, IL

Kiko's Flower and Gifts ★★★★★ 301 reviews, Read All
"Very nice!"

Provo, UT

Provo Flower Patch ★★★★★ 1335 reviews, Read All
"Exceeded my expectations."

Radford, VA

Radford Florist ★★★★★ 96 reviews, Read All
"I love getting a picture of what I sent. I donít think this picture does your work justice. Laurie sent me a picture that highlighted the yellow flowers and beautiful irisí! You all did a wonderful job. I know it brighten up Martha and Laurieís day. Thank you!"

Roanoke, VA

George's Flowers ★★★★★ 5889 reviews, Read All
"Thanks so much! Just what I was hoping for- Nina"

Salt Lake City, UT

Flower Patch ★★★★★ 8159 reviews, Read All
"Itís beautiful, thank you!"

San Antonio, TX

Spring Garden Flower Shop ★★★★★ 823 reviews, Read All
"Thank you so much for doing this."

Seguin, TX

Dietz Flower Shop & Tuxedo Rental ★★★★★ 210 reviews, Read All
"My wife loved these flowers and was very happy"

Staten Island, NY

Moravian Florist, Gifts and Home Accents ★★★★★ 546 reviews, Read All
"I really appreciate the fact that they sent me a picture of the final product since I would not be able to see the flowers in person. Delivery was very quick and the flowers were beautiful!"

Sugar Land, TX

House of Blooms ★★★★★ 1050 reviews, Read All
"The staff was very pleasant and accommodating. They did a wonderful job on my arrangement."

Temple, TX

Precious Memories Florist and Gift Shop ★★★★★ 280 reviews, Read All
"Loved the arrangement and prompt service. Connie was Bry helpful and liked getting a picture of our order! Thanks"

Toronto, Ontario

eco|stems ★★★★★ 73 reviews, Read All
"We are always happy with the quick service and gorgeous arrangements from ecostems."

Vienna, VA

Karin's Florist ★★★★★ 2180 reviews, Read All
"Beautiful arrangement. Recipient loved it!!"

Waterford, CT

Hoelck's Florist and Bouquets of Fruit ★★★★★ 1370 reviews, Read All
"Well done beautiful!"

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By: Randee
Date: Jan 12, 2018
"Love the photo"

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